About Us

A Podcast and Video studio, we tell stories, build audiences and create IP.  Headquartered in London, we’re platform agnostic and make content across audio, video, social and digital.

We discover and nurture talent online, on social and on-mic and engage their audiences on multiple levels but we always start with the story.

StoryHunter also works with clients and partners to create premium projects and are currently in production on a slate of podcasts, campaigns and series. 

And under our distribution deal with acast, we also run a creator’s programme called StoryHunter Presents.

We come from the world of digital, multi-platform, social, audio and video production as well as strategy, narrative and design.

We’ve produced content and campaigns for some of the biggest brands on television from The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Grand Designs to Sherlock, Downton Abbey and American Gods

STORYHUNTER develops, launches and tests new IP on low cost platforms – such as podcasts, short/mid form video series, even as social accounts – building loyal fanbases, content and IP to transfer to other platforms. e.g. television, live shows, publishing or back to digital. This enables us to discover new talent, extend our listenership and get stories into people’s ears and in front of their eyes quickly.

In just two years StoryHunter has won multiple awards for our work including a Gold British Podcast Award and a Content Innovation Award.  

StoryHunter has diversity at its heart and is committed to the Equality in Audio pledge.  We are also members of Audio UK.

Find out more about our founders: Kirsty Hunter and Az Newman.  Or get in touch.  

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